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  1. Plural of chip
    Wow, look at the chips on that motherboard!
  2. french fried potatoes; french fries.
  3. In the context of "US": Thin-sliced and deep-fried potatoes sold in sealed bags; potato chips, nacho chips, etc.
    What kind of chips should we get, barbeque or sour cream and onion?


french fried potatoes; french fries.
  • Croatian: pomfrit
  • Finnish: ranskalaiset perunat
  • German: Pommes frites
Thin-sliced and deep-fried potatoes sold in sealed bags; potato chips, nacho chips, etc.
  • Croatian: čips
  • Finnish: perunalastu, sipsi
  • German: Chips




chips f|p
  1. (Anglicism): chips (American English), crisps (British English)



  1. (Anglicism): chips (American English), crisps (British English)

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  • Chip, a character in the movie "National Lampoon's Animal House" who pledged and was accepted into the Omega house; the role was played by Kevin Bacon
  • CHiPs, a television series about the California Highway Patrol
  • Chips (band), a Swedish pop and country group
  • Ch!pz, a Dutch band popular in The Netherlands and in some European countries
  • Mr. Chips, the mascot for the UK game show Catchphrase


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